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Face down in the guarantees, jaundiced marshalls getting busy with ease

So SPIN magazine finally gets something right.

I got a ticket a couple of days ago, my first in Colorado. Kudos to the CO Police for not wasting any time during this procedure. I’ve been pulled over about eight times in California, and those guys just burn all kinds of time. You would think they were running your face through Interpol or writing out your ticket in calligraphy. The cop here had the ticket in my hand faster than I get my drink at Starbucks, I shit you not (for those of you wondering, 39 in a 30.)

Strange Factoid About Myself:

- I use bottled water in my humidifier.

People That Are Pissing Me Off today:

- My mailman who refuses to come to the door with registered mail.
- Fast food commercials writers who are using the word “melty” as an adjective.
- ABC Producers who keep cutting to Eva Longoria in the stands during the NBA Finals. This woman is so overrated, it makes me ill. Just another average celebrity that suddenly looks fantastic wearing a successful show.
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